Saturday, October 24, 2009

New Reviews

Phew! What a busy day. I have been busy on a big update of Aussiereviews and have finally finsihed. There are twenty new reviews for your enjoyment. You can click on the links to peruse the ones you're interested in:

Children's Book Review: The Visconti House, by Elsbeth Edgar Reviewed by Sally Murphy
Solving a mystery brings two friends together.
Children's Book Review: Australian & World Records 2010 Reviewed by Calum Murphy
More than 250 amazing records.
Children's Book Review: Pilot and Huxley, by Dan McGuiness Reviewed by Claire Saxby
Hop aboard for a wild ride.
Graphic Novel Review: Captain Congo and the Maharaja’s Monkey, by Ruth Starke Reviewed by Claire Saxby
Captain Congo’s new adventure.
Children's Book Review: Dog Squad, by Meredith Costain Reviewed by Claire Saxby
A new Lightning Strikes novel.
Children's Book Review: the Locket of Dreams, by Belinda Murrell Reviewed by Claire Saxby
A gold link to the past.
Picture Book Review: I Love My Dad, by Anna Walker Reviewed by Claire Saxby
Ollie and his dad.
Children's Book Review: By the Picking of My Nose, by Martin Chatterton Reviewed by Claire Saxby
A wacky tale of Shakespeare's childhood.
Picture Book Review: Together, by Anna Pignataro Reviewed by Claire Saxby
Mother-child love.
Picture Book Review: Clem Always Could, by Sarah Watt Reviewed by Claire Saxby
Learning to swim.
Children's Book Review: Robot Riot, by Andy Griffiths Reviewed by Claire Saxby
A new 'Schooling Around' story.
YA Book Review: In the Shadow of the Palace, by Judith A Simpson Reviewed by Claire Saxby
An adventure in long-ago India.
Children's Book Review: The Smartest Dog of All, by Ian Horrocks Reviewed by Claire Saxby
A boy and his dog.
Children's Book Review: Pyro Watson and the Hidden Treasure, by Nette Hilton Reviewed by Claire Saxby
Adventures by the sea.
Book Review: Picnic at Hanging Rock, by Joan Lindsay Reviewed by Sally Murphy
Another Popular Penguin.
Book Review: Of a Boy, by Sonya HartnettReviewed by sally Murphy
A gently moving tale.
YA Book Review: The Immortal, by Michael Panckridge Reviewed by Sally Murphy
A gripping story.
Graphic Novel Review: Scarygirl, by Nathan Jurevicius Reviewed by Sally Murphy
Children's Book Review: Yikes! by Alison Lester Reviewed by sally Murphy
In Seven Wild Adventures Who Would You Be?
Children's Book Review: The Land of Mirthful, by Sally Morgan Reviewed by Sally Murphy
Book Two in the Stopwatch series.