Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New reviews

Today I added fifteen new reviews to Aussiereviews, contributed by Claire Saxby and Dale Harcombe. You can read each review by clicking on the link:

Picture Book Review: Big Bad Bushranger, by Bob Brown Reviewed by Claire Saxby
Includes a song.
Children's Book Review: The Adventures of Nanny Piggins, by RA Spratt Reviewed by Claire Saxby
A nanny like no other.
Picture Book Review: The Great Rock Whale, by Christine Paice Reviewed by Claire Saxby
A new legend.
Picture Book Review: Me, Oliver Bright, by Megan De Kanztow Reviewed by Claire Saxby
Times have changed.
YA Book Review: Yellow Zone, by Janelle Dyer Reviewed by Dale Harcombe
A well-resented novel.
Picture Book Review: God Is, by Mark Macleod Reviewed by Dale Harcombe
A good book for bedtime reading.
Children's Book Review: My Sister Has a Big Black Beard, by Duncan Ball Reviewed by Dale Harcombe
Quirky verses.
Picture Book Review: Goldilocks and the Three Koalas, by Kel Richards Reviewed by Claire Saxby
An Aussie take on a traditional tale.
Picture Book Review: One Dragon's Dream, by Peter Pavey Reviewed by Claire Saxby
Reprint of a classic counting book.
Picture Book Review: Come On Everybody, Time to Play, by Nigel Grey Reviewed by Claire Saxby
A lift-the-flap board book.
Picture Book Review: The Know it All, by Peter Whitfield Reviewed by Claire Saxby
A new Zen Tails title.
Children's Book Review: The Greatest Sheep in History, by Frances Watt Reviewed by Claire Saxby
A third adventure featuring trainee superheroes Extraordinary Ernie and Marvellous Maud.
Picture Book Review: My Aussie Mum, by Yvonne Morrison Reviewed by Claire Saxby
Aussie, Aussie, Aussie Mum.
Picture Book Review: I Love My Mum, by Anna Walker Reviewed by Claire Saxby
A day with Ollie B. and Mum.
Children's Book Review: Great Aussie Inventions, by Amy Hunter Reviewed by Claire Saxby
Loos, utes, you beaut!
I also added six new reviews earleir int he month, but owing to some stress at the time, forgot to list them here. they were:

Children's Book Review: Sting, by Raymond Huber Reviewed by Sally Murphy
Ziggy is the oddbee out.
Book Review: Witches Incorporated, by K. E. Mills Reviewed by Sally Murphy
The second in the rogue Agent series.
YA Book Review: Letters to Leonardo, by Dee White Reviewed by Sally Murphy
A stunning debut novel.
Children's Book Review: The Big Dig, by Meg McKinlay Reviewed by Sally Murphy
Dig. Put some water in. Swim.
Children's Book Review: The Donkey Who Carried the Wounded, by Jackie French Reviewed by Sally Murphy
The story of Simpson and his donkey.
Children's Book Review: Polar Boy, by Sandy Fussell Reviewed by Sally Murphy
Wonderful historical fiction.


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