Saturday, August 28, 2010

New Reviews

Plenty of new reviews added to Aussiereviews in August - 26 of them, in fact. You can check them out by clicking on the links below. Enjoy!

Children's Book Review: Aztec Attack and Battle Bust-Up, by Charlie Carter
Reviewed by Sally Murphy
Battle Boy books 5 and 6.
Picture Book Review: Mirror, by Jeannie Baker
Reviewed by Dale Harcombe
A stunning book.
YA Book Review: Wavelength, by AJ Betts
Reviewed by Emily Murphy
A rich sensory experience.
YA Book Review: Descent, by Charlotte McConaghy
Reviewed by Claire Saxby
Book 2: The Strangers of Paragor
YA Book Review: What Next, Tilda B? by Kathryn Lomer
Reviewed by Sally Murphy
A novel about finding yourself.
Children's Book Review: Little Else Series, by Julie Hunt
Reviewed by Claire Saxby
Adventures in Little Else.
Children's Book Review: How to Talk to a Frill-Neck Lizard, by James Moloney
Reviewed by Claire Saxby
Fun Aussie yarn.
Children's Book Review: Chicken Stu, by Nathan Luff
Reviewed by Claire Saxby
Always expect the unexpected.
YA Book Review: Slice, by Steven Herrick
Reviewed by Claire Saxby
A new prose novel.
Picture Book Review: Littledog, by Katrina Germein
Reviewed by Claire Saxby
A little dog arrives.
Children's Book Review: Dead Man's Gold, by Michael Torres
Reviewed by Claire Saxby
Adventure in the Australian Outback.
Children's Book Review: Barlay, by Cheryl Kickett-Tucker
Reviewed by Claire Saxby
The bush has its secrets.
Picture Book Review: Sam's Bush Journey, by Sally Morgan and Ezekiel Kwaymullina
Reviewed by Claire Saxby
Bush wisdom.
YA Book Review: A Girl Like Me, by Penny Matthews
Reviewed by Sally Murphy
Children's Book Review: Grimsdon, by Deborah Abela
Reviewed by Claire Saxby
After the wave.
Picture Book Review: All Together Now, by Phil Cummings
Reviewed by Claire Saxby
Going camping.
Picture Book Review: Count My Kisses, Little One, by Ruthie May
Reviewed by Claire Saxby
A first counting book.
Children's Book Review: The Magic Fair, by Sally Morgan
Reviewed by Claire Saxby
All the fun of the fair…and more.
YA Book Review: Thirteen Pearls, by Melaina Faranda
Reviewed by Sally Murphy
Part of the Girlfriend Fiction series.
Nonfiction Book Review: I Love Me, by Bev Aisbett
Reviewed by Sally Murphy
A guide to being your own best friend.
YA Book Review: The Limping Man, by Maurice Gee
Reviewed by Sally Murphy
The conclusion to the Salt trilogy.
Children's Book Review: Burned, by Meredith Costain
Reviewed by Sally Murphy
Third in the Year in Girl Hell series.
Nonfiction Book Review: The Feel Good Body, by Jennifer Fleming & Anna-Louise Bouvier
Reviewed by Sally Murphy
7 steps to easing aches and looking great.
Book Review: The Devil's Tears, by Steven Horne
Reviewed by Sally Murphy
An absrobing story.
Children's Book Review: March, by Gabrielle Lord
Reviewed by Sally Murphy
The third in the Conspiracy 365 series.
Children's Book Review: Dumped, by Meredith Costain
Reviewed by Sally Murphy

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